Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Heads Up

The spring wheat in the test plot looks great!

The Java is just starting to head out.

The Haynes Bluestem is further along.  Most of this was planted April 19, a little less than two months ago.

Closeup of the Haynes Bluestem.

The Marquis, planted on April 23, is not showing any seed heads yet.

The Marquis (left) and Red Fife on Hy 38 are nowhere near as far along as the stuff in my garden.  This was planted April 24 and 25, about the same time.

The Windhaven field is starting to sprout thistles.

I cut the Red Clover on Spring Street June 9.  The sickle bar worked well but had trouble where the stems were real thick.  Although drying conditions were nearly perfect, the hay still came off a bit wet.  Ron & I baled on the 12th and 13th.