Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Early warmup

The early spring wheat experiment.  From left to right (North to South), planting dates 1/26, 2/7, 2/18, and 2/28.  Sometimes it's been so muddy that the seed goes in very poorly.  But each row should have some seed.  I want to find out if the freeze thaw and mud will harm the planting.  I'm using Marquis.

The butternut squash coming out of the root cellar is outstanding.

96th Street Turkey Red field on February 17.  This was one of the super-warm days, in the 60's with little or no wind.  We recorded the warmest February on record in 2017.

New 8' drill that Joe gave me.  It needs a little work but I'm hoping this will be my go-to machine for the next few years.  It tows down the road very easily, and it's wide enough to get some work done.  It has a grass box and a fertilizer box.  The fertilizer parts are mostly rusted away.