Saturday, April 6, 2019

Homestead test plot spring planting

I got some wheat planted in the home test plot.  Soil conditions were not great, but some of the high ground that had been moldboarded last fall was useable.  I just cleaned it up with the wheel hoe and then planted with the earthway seeder.

The strip is 7'4" wide, optimal for covering with bird netting.  I am using 5/8" mesh which mesures 14' x 45'.  So far, this is the best and most durable bird netting I have found (  Using my pvc hoops, this net covers 7'4" x 36'.
I harvested very little purplestraw last year, and gave most of it to Jerry Hicks.  I kept back 5gm and put it to the South of the Wisconsin No 5 Oats.

I did not weight the oats, but it was 14' of plot.  The beet plate on the earthway did not work well with oats, so I switched to the bean plate.  I should have rubbed out the oats a bit more to de-beard them a bit and make them feed better.

Early Red Fife is on the "high ground," closest to the garlic.  95 grams into 13'.

From South to North, there is Early Red Fife, Wisconsin No 5 oats, Purplestraw wheat, Champlain wheat, and Progress wheat.  I put in the Champlain and Progress two days later.  Both are ordinary 5gm samples from the USDA.

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