Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring Wheat Notes

I have been checking the test plot at least twice a day recently.  I'm interested in the appearance of the wheat plants after germination.  Here are my notes from today.  It's been over a week since the first Java wheat emerged.

Winter wheat test plot:

  • Beloturka 100% dead
  • Kharkof  100% dead
  • Red May from 2017 100% dead
  • Nebraska No 60 100% dead
Everything except the Red May is something of a puzzle.  The Red May is no unexpected because it grew so poorly as a Spring wheat, and I have doubts about the seed's authenticity.  But the other wheats are bona fide winter crops, and it's strange that they died.

Spring wheat test plot:

  • Haynes Bluestem is basically all up, and it looks great.  There has been some nice red coloring on some of the stems.
  • Dakota is all up, and it's all green.  This is supposedly a selection of bluestem
  • Early Red Fife is up, with some red tips.
  • Purplestraw is a little behind the other plantings.  It's just starting to emerge.
  • The Red Fife planted as a control next to the Java is all up now.
Today was a beautiful day, sunshine and clear.  The soil is still quite wet but the standing water on the farm has basically disappeared.

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