Thursday, November 30, 2017

V-Plow Build Photos

I built a V-plow a couple winters ago for the team to clear work paths.  I can keep work paths open between the house and barn now very easily.  It clears a lot of snow very quickly, although there is not too much control.  It can get a little squirrely, and once there is an established snow bank it's hard to change the path.  But you can't beat it for quickly opening up a path.

Work photos are below.  Sorry if I'm a little hazy about some of the details.

The plow under construction.  I think those are 2x10's.  I have a small gait that I want to get through, so this plow is not particularly large.  It cuts a path around 6' wide.  The angle is 90 degrees.  In discussion with others I learned that a "pointier" design might possibly make the plow track better.

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