Friday, September 22, 2017

Wisconsin Wheat Listing from 1919

Classification of American Wheat Varieties, USDA Bulletin 1074, (JA Clark et al) has a survey list in the back of wheat varieties being grown at that time in each state.  The survey year was 1919.  Over the course of my wheat project, I have distilled my project down to one simple idea: it's about Wisconsin's heritage wheat.  If a variety was grown in Wisconsin in the past, I'm interested.

Wheat varieties from the 19th Century and earlier are the most intriguing.  Crosses from the late 19th and early 20th Century are not as interesting to me anymore.  I want to grow out, eat, and sell a true wheat from the past.

Here is JA Clark, et al, list of Wisconsin wheat for the year 1919.  The habit, aka market class, is gleaned from reading JA Clark and checking the USDA GRIN database.

Variety Acreage Percent Habit My Comments
Bacska 900 0.2% HRWW Grown out for two years, winter kill in second season
Dawson 1,400 0.3% SWWW Selection from 1881, not working on currently.
0.0% HRSW JA Clark declares it to be a poor milling wheat.
Durum 12,100 2.3%
Durum is a class, not a variety. Pasta wheat.
Fultz 2,100 0.4% RWW Looks interesting in JA Clark, but not available to test
Goldcoin 400 0.1% SWWW In 2017 test plot
Haynes Bluestem 40,600 7.7% HRSW Two years growing out so far. Research suggests it may be the only remaining bluestem, of which there were once many
Humpback 1,600 0.3% HRSW Developed wheat from 1905
Iowa No. 404 100 0.0% HRWW Pure line selection of Turkey Red released in 1913. Can't find it in the GRIN db.
0.0% HRSW One season growing out. Looks promising. Very fast growing.
Marquis 313,400 59.2% HRSW Seed source from the Loiselle farm in Canada. Amazing how dominant this wheat was.
Odessa 200 0.0% SRWW Said to be very winter hardy
Prelude 2,700 0.5% HRSW Grown out for two years. Will probably not continue.
Preston 26,800 5.1% HRSW A Red Fife cross
Red Clawson 900 0.2% SRWW In 2017 test plot
Red Fife 13,300 2.5% HRSW This is growing fantastic wheat for us!
Red May 3,500 0.7% SRWW In 2017 test plot
Red Wave 600 0.1% SRWW Cross released in 1906
Turkey 39,600 7.5% HRWW This name covers a lot of different wheat, I'm learning
Ped. No. 2 6,900 1.3% HRWW Grown out for two years, 7 lbs planted in Fall 2017. I believe it's the oldest, most authentic Turkey extant.
Other 62,645 11.6%
Wish I could find some of the other bluestem varieties I saw referred to in “Wheat Growing in Wisconsin.” (1919)

TOTAL 527,445 99.5%

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