Sunday, July 2, 2017

Test Plot Update

The test plot has been under siege this season.  First it was the bunnies, munching away at the tender wheatgrass in the Spring.  As the wheat matured, the deer stopped by and munched away a couple of times.  Towards harvest, the birds began to attack the mature heads.  I've never dealt with this much critter trouble before.

Here is the Vavilov Turkey Red.  I actually got four pounds out of the plot at harvest time, so I achieved a decent return.  But it's still pretty embarrassing.  I will try harder next year.

The Wisconsin No. 2 especially showed the same spectacular red stems again this season.  Wow.  The red stems were not as apparent in the Vavilov Turkey, but still apparent.  I grew Ehmke Turkey Red as a control and the stems were ordinary white.

Another shot of the Wisconsin No. 2

Shocking the Vavilov Turkey Red.

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