Friday, October 21, 2016

96th Street Field

Last weekend I added a second field of Turkey Red, about 2.4 acres.  This is a field that my friend Brian grew some soybeans in this year.  Although I did not nearly make the planting date I had hoped for, by this point I was actually pretty curious about how a late planting would perform.  To compensate, I increased the seeding rate to about 140 lbs/acre.  It was a bit far to drive my tractor so I put the drill onto a trailer and used Brian's Ford 800 tractor, the same tractor that did most of the combining with my IH-76 combine.

I was very careful to check my row spacing, so as not to make the same mistake I made on the 3 Mile field.  I am pretty confident there are no bare spots this time.  The drill was still having trouble getting all the seed covered.  I think one or two of the shoes might have weak down pressure.

Anyhow, to ensure that all the seed was covered up Brian came over with a 30' drag and went over the field a time or two.  This piece of equipment did a very good job--I could not find a single grain on the field after 10 minutes, which is about all it took to cover the 2.4 acres.  I am going to be very interested to see how this field turns out.

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