Monday, March 14, 2016

Garden Survey

Although the weather is currently just slightly above normal temperatures, this Spring did get very warm very early and things have a head start.  The garlic is higher than I have ever seen it in March, and it looks very good.  The experimental onions that I planted with the garlic have not appeared yet.  I am leaving the mulch in place.

In the middle you can see the three strips of wheat from the genebank.  The one on the left is Turkey Red and it looks strong and perfect.  The middle strip is Wisconsin Pedigree No. 2.  The Bacska is a lighter color of green and shows some brown leaves, which may be winter kill.  The Bacska did not germinate all that well in the first place, which accounts for the gaps.

From the right, every three rows, is Stephen's Turkey, Heartland Turkey, and Ehmke Turkey.  The Stephens Turkey looks the strongest to me.

All the straw I am using this year makes for a fantastic mix in the compost pile.  It's been running just great lately.

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