Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Garden Plan 2015

No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy, or so I've heard.  Well, as I wait in late February for this deep freeze to end, here is the best I can come up with for Garden 2015:
  • Finish composting east radish strip
  • Work in and spread compost with spike tooth drag
  • Plow oats and peas for early greens and vegetables
  • Move winter spinach to safe ground so I can plow up old vegetables (spread compost prior).  Plant to buckwheat, then bare fallow, then oats/peas
  • Frost seed winter wheat with clover
  • Plant radish strip to naked oats, barley, and spring wheat, with underseeded clover.  This will be a few rows each, basically test plots
  • later vegetables and cucurbits to go in lower West strip (oats, peas, radishes).  Compost, plow, and either buckwheat or bare fallow
  • Move pasture gate to the North and rabbit fence the entire field (TOP PRIORITY!)
  • Corn can go in East winter rye strip???

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