Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wheat planted

I went out with the threesome and tried to break up a few more clods before planting. Rain is forecast in a few days. Not real pretty with some of the big chunks but the seed was well covered. Interestingly, the soil was finer and more prepared in the middle, high part of the field. This is also where things seem to grow best.

Turkey Red Winter Wheat was drilled in using my Earthway Garden Seeder set to 1" and the swiss chard beet okra plate.  This plate tends to dump in more than one seed at a time, but the next smaller plate tends to skip and drills more of the small seeds than bigger ones.

Finished planting is 12' x 120'. I measured and counted carefully and came up with a rate of 81.6 lbs/ acre, or 1,122,541 seeds per acre. This is perfect and I'm very pleased to get this close to the recommendations. The rows are maybe 6" apart but the seeder bounces all over. 

To come to my estimate I counted out 200 seeds on the kitchen counter and weighed them with a high-school type gram scale.  200 seeds = 6.6 grams, hence 859 seeds per ounce

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