Saturday, December 21, 2019

Compost Spreading

After getting soil tests done on the Newman Rd field in July it became clear that the nutrients were deficient.  Both potassium and phosphorous were seriously deficient, so I looked around for some manure.

Starting in August I went looking for a supply, and ended up getting some pretty nice composted manure.  The first three loads were from a cow farmer and fairly fresh.  Most of the loads came from a friend's horse farm and had been turned.

Working with a couple different spreaders until I purchased an IH 550 spreader (about 185 bushels I think), I managed to spread a couple hundred tons onto the field.  I have high hopes this will help the yield in 2020.

The IH 550 spreader.

The IH 550 spreader in action.

This John Deere spreader was borrowed for a portion of the spreading.  It could not hold very much and I returned it without doing too much work with it.

My neighbor Jim loaned me his dump trailer to move some of the compost.  What a great rig!

This is an old International spreader that I rented from the cow farmer.

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